Texans Still Armed – Home Invaders Still Getting Shot

Break into homes and you will eventually find an armed resident. Deputies: Homeowner kills intruder during home invasion | khou.com Houston.

Police said the residents were awakened by a loud banging noise at their front door, so the 56-year-old male homeowner retrieved his pistol and went to investigate.

As he reached the back door, it was kicked in by a 20-year-old man who then entered the residence, deputies said.

The guy was taken to a hospital where he died. The homeowner was not injured.

While a grand jury will consider this case, on the surface it seems like straight-forward self-defense.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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Make My Day – Oklahoma Style

Home invader meets armed homeowner. It doesn’t go well for the home invader. Suspected home intruder shot by homeowner – KSWO.

The homeowner says he was awakened by a knock at the door and when he opened it, a man hit him in the head with a large metal pipe. Authorities say the homeowner shot the suspect several times.

The would-be bad guy is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. No arrests have been made.

On the face of it, this appears to be a straight-forward case of self-defense, though the investigation continues. Self-defense is a human right.

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Ask your doctor if medical advice from a TV commercial is right for you.

Allergies have had me sidelined for a few days, and even now I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton. So I have been watching way to much daytime TV.

What is it with drug companies. We can make you slimmer, if you don’t mind a slight chance of death. I haven’t seen that exactly, but the side effects in some of these disclaimers is enough to make a rational person gag.

A quick list of some of the side effects: death, anaphylactic shock, permanent muscle spams, etc.

Between that and the list of “bad drugs” medical devices where the manufacturer is currently being sued, makes one want to swear off the medical profession altogether.

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Once Again the Radiation Scare Rears Its Stupid Head

It has been about a month since the 3rd anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the resulting Tsunami that devastated that part of the country, and damaged the Fukushima-Daiichi power plant. And true to form the folks who don’t understand radiation are screaming about government coverups. You see the government of Japan has recently reopened some of the areas that were evacuated after the disaster. And then it comes to light that the doses from residual radiation in the effected area are in the range of 1 millisievert per year. After reviewing several sources in the media, the best number I can find is “more than 1 millisievert per year, which for a story about a scientific subject is really pretty poor. (Is it 1.000001 mSv/a or a million? Both are more than 1. My guess is that it’s closer to the former.)

In the US, normal radiation exposure is between 4 and 6 millisieverts (mSv) per year. (Depends on who is counting and what is considered…) If you move to the Colorado plateau, you will receive more radiation than a low-lander, about .4 to .5 mSv per year due to the fact that there is less atmosphere protecting you on the plateau, than on the beach. Take a job as a flight attendant, you will get an additional 1.5 to 1.7 mSv per year. More if you specialize in long, international flights. If you live in a stone or brick or cement dwelling you will get more than someone living in a wood dwelling. If you work in a government building or a bank surrounded by lots of fancy marble or granite, you will have a higher exposure. (It is small, relax – I live in a brick dwelling.)

Now if you live in other parts of the world, the exposure from natural background radiation can be more or less. In some places much more. (Some places in Europe, the Middle East and the Indian-subcontinent can see exposures from background radiation which approach 10 times what they are on average in the US)

Now can you see why the 1 millisievert per year number in the Fukushima exclusion zone is a none-issue?

The smallest dose positively known to cause an increase risk in cancer: 100 millisieverts per year.

The insanity about radiation (there is even a new Godzilla movie with which to celebrate it!) revolves around the “Linear no-threshold dose hypothesis” of managing radiation. It was adopted by the so-called international community in the 1950s. The only problem with it is that it has no basis in the science. Radiation, like so many things in life, is a question of degree, not of kind. “Jumping off a chair is no big deal. Jumping of a cliff can be a problem.” Both are about jumping and falling. Do you see the difference?

You cannot escape from radiation. It rains down on us from outer space. It is in the food you eat. It is in you. It is no cause for alarm.

Sure, radiation can cause problems, but if you assume that because we can measure it, it is a problem you are kidding yourself. We can measure stupidly small amounts of radiation. Doubt it? Take a look at this diagram. As for you and your food, consider the Banana Equivalent Dose. (Don’t stop eating bananas. I had one yesterday, and half of one with my breakfast today. They are a good source of potassium – which is why they are radioactive.)

I was going to file this under Media Bias, but it isn’t so much that they are biased, they are just completely stupid, and running like the sheep they are.

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“They messed with the wrong pizza guy.”

Even in the gun-hating state of New York, self-defense works. Pizza delivery man is attacked, then shoots would-be robber – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

In the front hallway of the house, one of the robbers, who wore a mask and had a brown hoodie pulled over his face, hit the deliveryman on the head with a hammer, according to police.

The masked man also displayed what appeared to be a gun, police said.

But then, the deliveryman told investigators, he pulled out his own handgun and fired a shot, striking the masked man. The rest of the gang scattered.

The guy who got shot is in police custody and in the hospital. He was shot in the arm and abdomen. The pizza-delivery-guy was treated for injuries (a cut to the head and injuries to his left-hand) he recieved during the robbery attempt.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. [Hat tip to John Lott]

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Here We Go: Russian Vehicles Seen in Eastern Ukraine

Armored Vehicles Flying Russian Flags Appear in Eastern Ukraine | TIME.com.

Russian paratroopers have been spotted in eastern Ukraine while elements of the Ukrainian army have defected and are now flying Russian flags.

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I’m Shocked – Shocked! – to Discover Cops Lying! (Chicago of Course)

This was nicely done. Lawsuit filed for traffic stop caught on video – chicagotribune.com.

A lawyer for Sperling subpoenaed the police videotape and played it in court after the five officers had all testified at a court hearing on March 31. When the video contradicted their testimony, an outraged Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn suppressed the evidence from the traffic stop – about a pound of marijuana – and prosecutors quickly dropped the drug charges against Sperling.

Because they actually testified to the lies, they are (maybe) guilty of perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and maybe some other stuff. Will they go to jail? Will they have to pay any of the funds awarded in the upcoming law suit? Of course not! Will they pay any price at all? Probably not. (They are currently on desk duty, since you can’t even suspend them without pay.)

An observation by the defendant’s attorney.

All too often the police know they’re lying, the state’s attorneys know they’re lying and the judges know they’re lying, and nobody does anything about it

I don’t know if this guy is guilty of anything, but when all this lying is going on, a little bit of everyone’s freedom is taken away.

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Self-defense in Detroit: The Home Invaders Better Take Notice

For the 2nd time in a week, home invaders in Detroit have been met by armed home owners. The results for the bad guys hasn’t been good. Fatal Shots Fired In Another Case Of Detroit Homeowner Standing Ground « CBS Detroit.

According to police, two men broke into the home through a window. The homeowner opened fire after confronting the men, who reportedly returned fire.

The 3rd guy – the getaway driver – crashed the car into a house across the street. Of the 3 bad guys, he was the only one taken into custody.

If you break into enough homes, you will eventually meet an armed resident. Results in this case are fairly typical.

Earlier in the week, a homeowner defended himself from two home invaders. Detroit Homeowner Stands Ground, Shoots Intruders « CBS Detroit.

Sgt. Michael Woody said the shooting happened around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday after a man and woman, roughly 19-years-old, tried breaking into a home on Asbury Park, near 8 Mile Road and the Southfield Freeway.

“A 47-year-old male homeowner fired shots with a rifle, several shots, striking the male suspect one time and fatally wounding him,” Woody said. “He was transported to Sinai-Grace Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

The woman, who received a gunshot wound to the leg, was transported to the hospital in critical condition. No one else was injured.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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Putin Sees a “Right” to Send Troops into Ukraine

The Daily Mail is talking about the opening of World War III. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. BBC News – Putin cautious on 'right' to send troops into Ukraine.

Speaking on Russian TV, Putin said some fairly inflammatory things.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he has “a right” to send troops into Ukraine but hopes he will “not have to exercise that right”.

Will the West do anything to stop him?

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New Toy

Honda Rancher

Upgraded Tires (14 inch versus 12 inch standard) Quality Winch and a Plow.

I would like to say that I got this with my refund, but I don’t do refunds. (You give me 100 dollars a month, from January to December, and in March or April I will give you 1200 dollars back. No, it doesn’t make sense.)

Anyway the lawn tractor gets bogged down in too many places around the back 40 5 acres. So this will let me get back there and haul out the junk, cut some trees and haul out the wood, etc. etc. And they are just damn fun.

And although we did have snow yesterday, I hope I won’t need the plow before December of this year.

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