Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

How do you hand a violent stalker? One shot to the chest. PD: Woman shoots [stalker] during home invasion – FOX5 Vegas – KVVU.

Fox calls this idiot an “ex-boyfriend.” But the woman says the relationship was never romantic. So why the local Fox station gets it wrong, is anyone’s guess.

Anyway, the result was satisfactory.

Police said the woman fired two shots at the man once he made entry into the unit, hitting him once in the chest.

The man fled from the scene and tried to hide in the area. A K-9 unit was able to locate him behind bushes, [Las Vegas Metro Lieutenant Eric] Lloyd said.

All’s well that ends well. [Hat Tip to KAHR40]

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If German Military Might is Non-existent…

Maybe the French can stand up to Russia. Because it is clear that Obama and Co. can’t do it. (Or won’t do it – amounts to the same thing in the end.) Ramshackle Army at Odds with Berlin’s Global Aspirations – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Germany wants to strengthen its role in international affairs. But recent reports suggest the country’s weapons systems are in such disrepair that Berlin actually has very little to offer its partners.

Just when Putin and Company are setting sights on parts west… It may be a long winter.

The talking heads in this country like to say that there is always a political solution (e.g. you don’t have to go to war.) But most of them haven’t read “On War.” (Sun Tsu was popular a few years back, so they may have heard of him, but von Clausewitz? Not hardly.) The real problem is that not everyone thinks that way. And then, what is the difference between a politics and war?

Der Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln ‡
− Carl von Clausewitz

Though much that has been read into that is wrong. (It is a complicated subject and a complicated book, which can’t be boiled down to a sound bite.) Continue reading

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Armed Clerk stops Armed Robbers

This story ends with the 3rd of 3 suspects arrested and charged with murder. Suspect in Canton gas station robbery arraigned. It began with the death of his two accomplices – in justifiable homicide – at the hands of the clerk they threatened. Third suspect sought in deadly gas station shooting in Canton

Police say two of the suspects, identified as Antonio Garcia, 23, and Ronnie Lawson, 21, were shot and killed by a clerk at the location.

The shooting followed an attempted robbery and a scuffle with the clerk.

The clerk was shot in the hip and leg during the melee. His injuries are non-life-threatening.

No strategy for dealing with wicked people will be perfect, but the strategy of self-defense has three violent criminals off the streets. (Bets on how long before the 3rd guy is out on bail or probation?)

Self-defense is a Human Right

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Games Networks Play

So there was a short-lived TV show, New Amsterdam in 2008, about a New York detective (John Amsterdam) who was immortal. It lasted for 8 episodes. I saw it on Amazon Prime. It was OK. But I wasn’t surprised it was canceled. (After “Dead Like Me” I figure most good shows will get canceled.) I am surprised that it got pulled from Amazon Prime, but maybe I shouldn’t be.

So now there is a new show, Forever about a a New York medical examiner who is immortal. It doesn’t seem all that different from “New Amsterdam” except that it has better-known actors. The main character comes off a bit too much like Sherlock Holmes, but it might work out in the long run.

The similarities between these two… One was granted immortality because he tried to save native Americans, and the other because he tried to save the life of an African being brought as a slave to America. Both involve a crime-fighting partner, and one person who knows the whole story.

Why should one work, where the other didn’t? And why do networks not allow shows to find their feet? (Have you watched the 1st season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” lately? It is unwatchable.) And why pull the previous show off Amazon, though I suppose that could be due to one of Netflick’s deals…

So we have Grimm – about a detective with the ability to see what others can’t see. Forever. The Listener – about a telepath working for the cops. Scorpion – about a team of geniuses helping Homeland Security. They aren’t superheros, but their mental prowess verges on that state. (Agent Booth in “Bones” once remarked to Dr Brenin that compared to regular folks, her being so smart meant she might as well have super-powers.) Scorpion seems a bit like NUMB3RS to me. (The pilot was a bit over the top, but it might work.) I have probably missed one. I suppose the next thing they will do is resurrect “Forever Knight” and give a vampire detective.

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Felony Murder is Still a Murder Charge

Teen held in death of accomplice shot by homeowner – SFGate.

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) — A 17-year-old boy has been jailed in the fatal shooting of his alleged accomplice in a burglary, even though the victim was shot by the homeowner.

That 17-year-old “boy” (most would call him a young man) would in some cases be charged as an adult. My guess is that will be pursued here, but no mention is made. (What? Media Bias against self-defense and in favor of home-invading felons?)

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed resident. You should not be shocked at the result.

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The Criminal Justice System: Not Much About Justice

I’ve said it before. It is a system that rewards winning, not justice. So winning is everything. Observer-Reporter | Deputy district attorney suspended after judge finds he withheld evidence.

Deputy District Attorney Joseph Zupancic was suspended with pay Friday following the outcome of a hearing in which a Washington County judge ruled he knowingly withheld evidence from a robbery defendant’s attorney.

He says he “forgot” about the evidence in question. (queue the Steve Martin comedy routine.)

And what is his punishment for trying to send a guy to jail without obeying the constitution? Paid vacation leave. They couldn’t even send this idiot home without pay.

I’ve listed this under “cops behaving badly.” Lawyers behaving badly seems somehow redundant.

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I Thought Cooperating with Criminals Ensured Safety

I guess that guy didn’t get the memo. Savannah-Chatham police search for gunman who robbed, shot convenience store clerk |

According to investigators, a gunman with a skully pulled over his face entered the store and robbed the clerk before shooting him.

The truth is that violent criminals don’t stop being violent just because you are nice. This guy had his money, and then he shot the clerk on his way out of the store.

Cooperation with criminals is a strategy. It won’t work all the time, and to my mind it doesn’t work very often. Being armed is also a strategy. It also is no guarantee. But I know which strategy I would want to rely on. “There is nothing certain in this life save taxes and next winter’s snow.”

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Blasphemy Day: There is No Right to Not Be Offended

People want to live in comfortable little bubbles, but the world is not a comfortable place.

Atheists, skeptics, freethinkers and free-speech advocates around the world marked Blasphemy Day by mounting their soapboxes — figuratively and literally — and uttering words and displaying images that may cause offense.

And they’re making no apologies.

“We’re not seeking to offend, but if in the course of dialogue and debate, people become offended, that’s not an issue for us,” said Justin Trottier, a Toronto coordinator of Blasphemy Day and executive director of the Ontario chapter of the Center for Inquiry. “There is no human right not to be offended.”

That attitude isn’t very politically correct these days. In fact, it is the polar opposite of political correctness. “Everyone” wants to create a cocoon where no disagreement is possible. As long as you agree with them. And of course by “Everyone” I mean anyone who does NOT value free speech.

Because for speech to be free, it must include the stuff that you don’t like. Don’t like what someone is saying? Don’t listen. Get your own blog. Take to Twitter. Be civil. But don’t legislate speech. “Sticks and stones…” is the start of a rhyme that implies words are less of a problem than deeds.

It was September 30, 2005 when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a series of cartoons featuring Mohammad in, shall we say, less-than-flattering terms. This was the excuse for a spate of violent protests around Islamic countries. Because violent Muslims also don’t believe in free speech.

And so today was established as a day for slaying sacred cows, saying that the emperor has no clothes, and in general demanding that speech be free. Even if that speech offends you.

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Seems to Be a Creeping Malaise About the Place

My last post on the failure of leadership in the West (and indeed, everyone in the West) to learn the lessons of history, looks like it was one of a set.

Roberta X has a rant on the general insanity that permeates American politics – insanity that crosses issues and ideologies. I Got Nothin' For You.

And Robb, over at Sharp as a Marble has a definition for us. Today’s apropos Word of the Day is brought to you by “Umlaut’s for Everyone”.

Götterdämmerung: a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder; broadly : downfall

I would say it is in the water, but it isn’t. It is just in the times.

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Musings on History, Politics, and the State of Our Country (a rambling essay on the state of leadership in the West)

Americans for some reason hate history. And probably your 7th grade “civics” class did a poor job of teaching it. It isn’t really about the memorization of dates and places and people. It is (or should be) about understanding the stories, because understanding the stories from the past help us understand today’s story. The story we are living out is complicated. More complicated than can be encompassed in a sound bite, or a four minute piece on All Things Considered.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
−George Santayana

The only lesson that the political class has learned in the past 50 years is to claim that they are in favor of peace at all costs. Politicians of all stripes will trade away the gains bought with American blood to prove a point or win a political argument. Actually fighting to win a war is next to unthinkable in the beltway. As for the journalism profession, I don’t pretend to know what they think.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.
−John Stuart Mill

People who want to stay alive at all costs, will become concentration camp guards in places like Buchenwald because it isn’t safe to speak out. People who want peace at all costs, will look the other way while the Nazis annex Austria or invade Czechoslovakia because it isn’t our concern. The “Peace in Our Time” speech, by Neville Chamberlain, ended with “go home and have a nice sleep.” War was averted. (At least for Britain, and at least for a day…. but in the long run, things didn’t quite work out that way.) So today we watch Russia annex part of Ukraine, because it is far away, and it doesn’t remind us of anything, because we fell asleep in history. If they even bother to teach history anymore. (Probably not PC enough!) Have you even heard of Sudetenland, and have any idea how what happened in 1938 and 1939 in Europe mirrors what is happening in Ukraine today? Continue reading

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