One More Time For Emphasis: In a Disaster You Are On Your Own for 3 Days

That is FEMA’s official line – a minimum of 3 days – and I haven’t seen a disaster where they got things together in 3 days. Not after Andrew. Not after Katrina. Not after Sandy. Exasperation builds on Day 3 in storm-stricken NYC – Yahoo! News.

People are out of bottled water. Upset because they don’t have a place to charge their smart phones. Whatever.

Get a clue and make a FEW preparations.

Water: BEFORE a disaster, it really is safe to drink the water, even in NYC. Go to your favorite big-box store, or camping supply boutique, and buy some water jugs. (figure out how much you need for 3 days – gallons, even for 1 person.) While the news media and the Weather Channel are screaming about how “The Sky Is Falling” fill the jugs with that drinkable city water. You might want to fill up the bath tub, or something similar with enough water to flush toilets if you live so high off the ground that city water pressure can’t get to you.

Food: Buy some MREs (they keep for 5yrs or more). Buy some canned spaghetti. It keeps just about forever. No, it isn’t what you would eat if the endive was available at the local market. But after a disaster, you might want something on day 5. Or 25, but that is another story.

What did you think a disaster was going to be like? Didn’t you watch the coverage of Katrina? Or maybe you thought that was just GW Bush’s fault. It wasn’t. It isn’t even FEMA’s fault. They told you: THREE DAYS. MINIMUM. Well it has been 3 days. How’s that working out for you?

And on the subject of gasoline and your car, if you own one. Keep the damn tank full. You don’t save money at the end of the year because you spend all month driving around on “E.” You drive as much as you drive. But if you keep the tank full, or above 3/4 or even half, maybe, just maybe you can drive a couple hundred miles away. And then you aren’t part of the damn problem.

Now I understand why the old and the infirm can’t leave. Healthy adults could have walked out the path of the storm Monday and Tuesday. Doesn’t anyone in Manhattan own a backpack and decent pair of walking shoes? Stop being part of the problem. LEAVE before it is a disaster. Or leave after. But don’t sit on your ass and complain that the government isn’t taking care of you. It isn’t the government’s job to take care of you. That’s YOUR job. (I know, that is such an old-fashioned idea.)

Stop being part of the damn problem, and be part of the solution.


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    • In Florida, where I believe all 3 of us are, you might figure 2 gallons of water/person day. Especially if you’re out cutting up downed trees in August or September. You just can’t have too much.

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