Shop Class of the Future?

Yes and no. Minddrive is a program from Kansas City that gets inner city kids to see a different future. In this video you see an electric car they designed and built. Tests show that the roughly 1000 pound non-road car got 330 MPGe at 40 MPH and 440 MPGe at 25 MPH. Pretty good. World-record-class in fact. (No crash tests for this car!)

There is also a communications portion of Minddrive that acts as the marketing/brand managers for what the car design team is doing.

And the car design team isn’t shop class. It includes AutoCAD and Solidworks design stations, business-strategy and all the other kinds of things that an engineering company has to worry about.


One thought on “Shop Class of the Future?

  1. Wait – a bunch of high school kids set a world record for efficiency?

    Why do I think there were talented grownups involved?

    Cool car. good program, and nothing against any of that. It’s just that world records stay that way because they’re hard to beat.

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