The Courts and “The System” Did Not Save This Woman

He promised he would kill her, and after a judge released him from jail, that is exactly what he did. Slain woman predicted her own death |

During a court hearing Oct. 12, Mrs. Kristofak begged a Cobb County judge not to release him from jail. “I fear for my life,” she told Superior Court Judge Adele Grubbs, telling the judge that a court-issued order of protection would not stop her crazed ex-spouse.

Early Thursday, fugitive squads arrested Kristofak, 58, after a short struggle at a Motel 6 in Union City, ending a publicized five-day manhunt. He was charged with doing exactly what he’d promised earlier this year: murder.

If you need a restraining order, then you also need a plan for you personal protection. A gun may not have saved this woman, but the sytem and the courts were not able to stop her ex-husband from stabbing her in the torso.