Obama: Above the Law? I Thought that Was Nixon’s Line

Obama's Image as a War PresidentSo what are the limits of executive power? Or are there any under Obama? Nixon thought a President could authorize a break-in and he was run out of office over it. Obama thinks he can authorize murder, and no one seems to want to do anything about it. Justice Department memo lets President Obama order drone killings without scrutiny – Opinion – The Boston Globe.

The story at the Boston Globe (NOT a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy as far as I know) has the details of the memo that was recently obtained. It isn’t pretty.

The upshot of such legal obfuscation is this: Unspecified US officials can approve the killing of American citizens who have been involved in undefined activities that the officials believe to pose a threat of violent attack — even in the absence of any evidence the attack will occur anytime soon.

Amazing what Presidents can do, isn’t it. Order the assassination of US Citizens without due process, oversight, or anything. Maybe more frightening than amazing.

Would then-Senator Obama have ever condoned such a program under President George W. Bush? Of course not. This is a program as breathtaking in its hypocrisy as it is devoid of respect for due process and the constitutional principle of checks and balances. And it’s one tragedy that the president can’t blame on someone else.