More on Calling 911

Data from 2010. Response times- city to city.

City Average Response time
El Paso, Texas 11 minutes, 11 seconds
Atlanta, Georgia 11 minutes, 12 seconds
Denver, Colorado 10 minutes, 0 seconds
Tuscon, Arizona 10 minutes, 11 seconds

These are average response times across all 911 calls. Some people will get help in less time. Some will wait longer. Some will wait the rest of their lives.

Then there is the problem that for anyone to take these numbers seriously, you must assume that in every case, the victim of a crime has the chance to call 911, and gets a response between the time they realize they are in trouble, and trouble becomes violent. This is obviously not the case. Cops are called after the crime is committed. This isn’t a bash against police; it is just the way things work.


3 thoughts on “More on Calling 911

  1. That’s going to leave a mark… Just sayin… And there is NO requirement for the police to actually protect you (unless you’re a high profile person)…

    • Thanks for pointing that out. It always amazes me that people the it is the job of the police to protect them. It isn’t. Not even if there is a restraining order in place. Do a google search on Castle Rock v Gonzales if you doubt me.

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