So If My Employer Doesn’t Pay for Something, They Are Limiting My Rights?

I was watching a bit of CNN. (I know – just asking for a migraine.) The argument was, “If my employer doesn’t pay for contraception, they are denying my right for contraception.”

Interesting point of view. Does that mean that my employer has to buy me an AR-15? Or a 1911? Hell, I would settle for a new shotgun. If they don’t pay for it, are they abridging my rights under the Second Amendment?

3 thoughts on “So If My Employer Doesn’t Pay for Something, They Are Limiting My Rights?

  1. Sounds like a perfectly logical conclusion to me. Furthermore, if we extend to the full rights they seem to be claiming (food, job, place to live, etc., etc.), they have to pay for all of that.

    Which will end employment as we know it – assuming Obamacare itself doesn’t end it.


  2. If the government de facto requires that you buy insurance through your employer, and your employer decides that he doesn’t want the insurance that *you* pay for (out of your fully loaded pay rate) to cover things that offend him, then I think the issue gets a little more complicated, especially if the “employer” is itself a construct of the state rather than a sole proprietorship. I can see both sides of this one. But group health insurance is not a boon; it is paid for out of the employees’ wages.

    Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue at all if hormonal contraceptives were simply sold over the counter—they’d be cheaper than aspirin in a free market— but statists on the right and the left have fought that tooth and nail.


  3. My guess is that companies who really object will opt out of providing insurance and steer everyone to the exchanges. Don’t know what the cost in terms of tax penalty will be.

    So Obamacare will solve the problem by getting companies to stop paying for insurance.


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