What if you called 911 and No One Answered?

The people who fear guns (and some others) say that when bad things happen, we should call 911. But does that always work? Minneapolis 911 Operators Call For Change « CBS Minnesota.

Calls unanswered after 90 seconds. Calls on hold for 4 minutes. Do you really think that rapist breaking down the back door is going to wait 4 minutes?

And this isn’t in some out-of-the-way corner east of nowhere. Minneapolis isn’t exactly New York, but it is a major city.

Of course people have bought into the propaganda.

“I thought it was just a given. You call 911 and 911 answers,” [Jacqueline Delmain, who dialed in December said.]

Outside her north Minneapolis window, she saw a man dying in the street. When she called 911, the phone rang for 90 seconds without an answer before she hung up.

“I never thought it was possible for them not to answer,” Delmain said. “It makes me feel really vulnerable.”

Got news for Ms. Delmain: regardless of how she feels, she is vulnerable. (Will she do anything about it?)

Calling 911 is a fine strategy. Provided you have the opportunity to call before something bad happens to you. But you won’t always have that opportunity. 911 won’t always answer “in time.” Sometimes you just might be on your own.


3 thoughts on “What if you called 911 and No One Answered?

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  2. What about a serious medical emergency like bleeding out? Medical incidents can kill you faster than absolutely perfect EMT response time. We need to stop depending on 911 and get training and take responsibility for ourselves (e.g. self-protecion, first aid, disaster response).

    You want to depend on FEMA or the promises of the POTUS, really?

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