Texans Still Armed, Criminals Still Getting Shot

This is a case where the home was empty – the homeowners were on vacation, but the neighbors were watching after things. Couple protecting neighbor's home shoots, kills alleged intruder in Channelview.

At the house, the couple noticed the front door was unlocked and a bathroom door was locked.

“They announced themselves, told the person that if there was anybody in the bathroom that they were armed and to come out. They didn’t get a response,” said Beall.

According to Beall, as the couple unlocked the door, a man came charging out of the bathroom and knocked the female down.

Can you guess what happened next? I should point out that both of the neighbors were armed. They both opened fire. The would-be bad-guy made it as far as the back yard before collapsing. He was taken to a local hospital and died a couple of hours later.

If you make a living breaking into homes (especially in a place where the 2nd Amendment lives) then eventually, bad things are going to happen to you.


4 thoughts on “Texans Still Armed, Criminals Still Getting Shot

  1. The shooters are justified, possibly in several ways:

    Texas Penal Code 9.32 Deadly Force in Defense of Person “..(a) a person is justified…when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes that the deadly force is immediately necessary(A) to protect the actor against the others unlawful use of deadly force…

    The good guys warned the deceased they were armed – his response was to burst through the door and attack at least one of them. The Grand Jury will see this as “reasonable” – If I announce to a hidden felon ” I am armed- come out” and he leaps out and attacks me, barehanded or armed with a weapon, it is certainly “reasonable” for me to fear for my life.

    The justifications offered by PC 9.42 and 9.43 also , probably, apply.

    Burglary is a dangerous business in Texas. Burglars often get shot.
    I will shed no tears – Mr. Burglar made his choices.



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