Chicago Police: Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

New rules have come down from on high… New Chicago Police Department rules: No visible tattoos, no caps, no knit caps – Chicago Tribune.

Too many uniform variations became available, making Chicago police officers less immediately identifiable to the public.”

Because allowing police to wear knit watch caps (in the minus 20 degree weather that Chicago has in the winter) that say “Police” on them is confusing to someone.

Meanwhile, things on the South and West sides are a bit tense. 1 dead, 6 wounded in shootings on South, West sides – Chicago Tribune.

One man was killed and at least six other people were wounded in shootings since Monday afternoon and evening on the South and West sides, according to police.

And like Baltimore and New York, this is turning out to be a bad year for crime in Chicago. More Than 300 People Shot, 37 Fatally, During May in Chicago – Chicago. More than 1000 people had been shot in Chicago, in 2015, as of yesterday.

And the thing that bothers the inmates running the asylum is whether or not ball caps can be worn.

Yeah, that will make a tremendous difference.

It makes you think that the powers-that-be in these large cities (and others not mentioned here) are not concentrating on the stuff that might make peoples’ lives better. Safer.


3 thoughts on “Chicago Police: Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

  1. So in NYC DeBlasio end stop and Frisk because it is racial targeting and crime especially shootings go up like crazy, but they are not related, nope not related in the least – Stupid is as Stupid does isn’t that how Forrest Gump put it?

  2. The way ‘they’ approach things in big cities makes me wonder if they really care about what they say they care about – this instance is like the TSA; looks and control are what matters, not substance.

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