Ireland Won’t Support Debt Relief for Greece

The Taoiseach of Ireland (Prime Minister) Mr. Kenny is unusual for a politician, in that he doesn’t mince words. Ireland won’t support debt relief for Greece, says Kenny.

Asked if Ireland would support debt relief for Greece he answered simply. “No.”

How often does a politician have a clear statement like that? Not very often.

But then Ireland got pulled under by the financial crisis, but they put their house in order, and didn’t need unending rounds of help. Of course Ireland was never in the position of Greece. They actually ended up in the Euro because their economy was strong enough – before the crash – to be in the Euro.

I think everyone is just about fed up with the status of the Greek debt talks. (Merkel had some fine things to say, and German parliament is meeting to decide how to react to “what comes next.”)

Or, what is your best alternative to a negotiated settlement? I’m not sure the Greeks thought this one through exactly.

2 thoughts on “Ireland Won’t Support Debt Relief for Greece

  1. The funny thing to me is that the Greeks are acting like the Euro was a Trojan horse built by Germany instead of their own un-doing — and maybe it was!


    • If the average German had their way, GERMANY would leave the Euro. While they benefit from common currency valuation, they have become fairly sick of footing the bill. One of the reasons that Merkel can’t fund another round of bailouts is that she would be voted out before the ink was dry.

      All the “social justice people” screaming for more money for Greece are really taking it out of the pockets of the average German taxpayer. And the other – mostly northern – countries on solid footing.


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