It’s Odd How Bipolar the Right Can Be

Liberty and JusticeThey cheer when the SCOTUS strikes down Chicago or Washington DC bans on owning guns. They cry when they strike down bans on gay marriage. In one instance they are the good guys, just doing what the constitution requires. In the other, they are the devil’s spawn.

I wonder, how does everyone feel about Loving Vs. Virginia? And of course people will tell me, “That is different,” without really explaining how. (Do you think you could have gotten a popular vote on interracial marriage in the 1960s? Or the 1990s?)

As someone once said, you don’t put minority rights to a vote. (Look up the origin of “restricted neighborhood,” for example.)

It is too bad that SCOTUS doesn’t hand down decisions on Sunday. The 28th of June would have been poetic for such a decision, but given their constraints I find their sense of history – and Gay history at that – to be moving.