47 People Shot in Chicago This Weekend

Seven of them fatally. Gruesome weekend leaves Chicago police chief reeling – CNN.com.

I don’t often agree with the police chief in Chicago, but in this case, he has a point. He maintains that there is something “systematically wrong” with Justice in Chicago. And it fails people all the time.

Take, for example, the death of 7-year-old Amari Brown. McCarthy said the boy was the unintended victim of bullet meant for his father, a ranking gang member.

The system failed Amari, the police chief said. Amari’s father, who has been arrested 45 times and has a lengthy criminal record, should not have been on the streets, McCarthy said.

Is it a leap to say the kid would be alive but for his father? Not much of one, I’d say. That the father has been arrested 45 times and not in jail says something – either the police keep arresting him for no good reason (not beyond the realm of possibility in Chicago), or the courts have failed in some way.

And the “don’t help police” frame-of-mind is active here too. The dead kid’s father is not cooperating with police. (Not listed in the linked article, but it shows up in other coverage.)

The Chief goes on to blame guns and not criminals. But that is what he usually does so it is no surprise. You could also blame the War on (Some) Drugs™ but that wouldn’t fit the narrative.


2 thoughts on “47 People Shot in Chicago This Weekend

  1. Sometimes I look at places like Chicago and wonder if anything could fix it. It seems obvious that banning guns and cracking down on drugs didn’t do it, and the Chicago city leader’s ideas of doing it harder, bigger, faster is just as likely to fail.

    However, at this point would liberty work there? Would enhancing gun rights work? Would removing the monetary incentive of drug crime via legalization work? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those things wouldn’t help. I’m just wondering if there is enough self sufficient spirit left in the people of Chicago for them to throw off the yoke of big government/gang control. Are there free people still alive in Chicago, or are they all slaves to it?

    • Chicago used to be one of my favorite cities. In part because I went to school there, and worked there for a time. When I would visit family I would always schedule one day to go to museums. But no longer.

      Chicago is headed in the same direction as Detroit. Democrats have ruled that city since the 1950s at least. Witness the result.

      Prohibition in the 20s let The Outfit get a started in Chicago. It was still going strong when I lived there – the FBI was running stings from time to time. (The Outfit is Al Capone’s old organization.) The War on (Some) Drugs™ has created the current insanity. I don’t think it will disappear over night. But removing their financial support might be a good first step.

      There are at least some folks willing to sue Chicago to regain their rights. But I get the impression the Middle Class is largely moving out. The schools suck, the taxes are high, it is dangerous.

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