What if you couldn’t reach 911? What would you do?

Because if (like me) you rely on your cell phone, you may be kidding yourself. FCC Cracking Down on 911 Service Failures – WSJ.

For three hours last August, almost all T-Mobile US Inc. ’s about 50 million customers couldn’t reach 911.

The nationwide outage, disclosed on Friday, was at least the third major outage by a variety of telecom operators of the 911 call system in three years, raising concerns among federal regulators that the country’s emergency response system is becoming more vulnerable. The system has evolved away from local networks connected by copper lines to a more national model based on Internet technologies.

But don’t worry! The .gov is about to spring into action! You know, those same yahoos that were responsible for the one of the biggest hacks in recent years are going to get to the bottom of this internet thingy.

In a time of crisis, calling 911 is fine thing to do. If you can. And even if you can call for help before bad things happen, help is many minutes away. You are going to have to wait for that help to arrive. You may wait the rest of your life.


2 thoughts on “What if you couldn’t reach 911? What would you do?

  1. More and more often when I hear advice about calling 911, I think more and more of calling the TSA for security. If it’s really a wide-spread crisis then 911 is pointless and your life may just be short. If it’s an individual crisis, you’re just calling the police anyhow, but often it’s routed (here in CA anyhow) through the Highway Patrol servers/call-center, then they have to try and Google your location or something stupid like that. It doesn’t matter anyhow because I have the GPS in my cell-phone disabled… Oh well – so I bought a S&W .357mag today, an old one.

    • IN the case of a regional or national emergency, even the .gov recognizes that you are going to be on your own for a time. But if you have to deal with a burglar/home-invader or the like on an individual basis, 911 can (and does) help. Just not all the time

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