Don’t Mow Your Grass – Go to Jail

They say they sent her a notice. She never recieved it. (Why wasn’t a legal notice sent via registered mail?) Boys mow lawn to keep Gerry Suttle, elderly Riesel, Texas woman, out of jail – CBS News.

This is meant to be the heartwarming story of some boys doing a good deed for an elderly neighbor. And it is. But the underlying story points up the level of the police state.

Several weeks ago, Gerry Suttle, of Riesel, east of Waco, was issued a notice to appear before a judge because the grass on a lot she owns across from her home was more than 18 inches high, violating city code. After she didn’t appear, a warrant was issued for her arrest, reports the station.

Suttle, 75, told the station she never received the notice.

We can control what your yard looks like. Don’t decorate to our liking and we will haul you in front of a judge. Because we can.

This whole – you have to cut your grass thing isn’t very green. Just sayin’.