Don’t Worry, There’s a (not so) Independent Agency for Review

Just that the agency isn’t interested in justice. Chicago Just Fired An Investigator Trying To Hold Cops Accountable For Unjustified Shootings.

The independent agency tasked with policing Chicago cops hasn’t released findings on several unjustified police shootings, and its leaders are more concerned with protecting officers than investigating citizen complaints, a fired employee said.

Rubber stamp? Politics rules the day in Chicago? I find it hard to believe. That anyone could think Chicago works any differently.

As for how “independent” the review organization is…

He said part of IPRA’s problem is that it’s run by people who worked in law enforcement for most of their careers, instead of civilians without strong ties to police.

Fox. Hen-house.


One thought on “Don’t Worry, There’s a (not so) Independent Agency for Review

  1. What is most curious is the number of officer involved shootings in which additional apparently unrelated weapons are uncovered during canvas of crime scene area. These are mentioned frequently in review reports but not commented on. One wonders what these are. After all, random streets are not usually used to stash criminal pieces under some bushes or trash, that just happen to be near questionable man with a gun calls….

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