Upset that your friend is dying? Don’t show any stress when talking to 911

Her friend had been shot, and she was panicked. And as a result, she didn’t respect his authority. 911 dispatcher resigns after hanging up on panicked teen caller –

In a recording obtained by the Associated Press, veteran firefighter and dispatcher Matthew Sanchez asked Esperanza multiple times if Jaydon was breathing, causing Esperanza to snap, “He is barely breathing. How many times do I have to [expletive] tell you?”

Mr. Sanchez then replied, “OK, you know what, ma’am? You can deal with it yourself. I’m not going to deal with this, OK?”

“No, my friend is dying,” Esperanza begged as the call ended, but was cut off mid-sentence as Sanchez hung up on her.

Now he did send paramedics to the location before he hung up. But that doesn’t really say “professional attitude” to me. I can only imagine how frantic some people are when they call 911. And if you asked me the same question more than one time, I would probably come back with “how many [expletive] times do I have to repeat myself?”

No one will know if more guidance from a calm and professional 911 operator could have saved this victim. And we won’t know, because a calm and professional operator didn’t answer the phone.

The 911 caller – who basically watched her friend die in her arms – gets the last word.

When asked what she would say to Sanchez if she could, Esperanza answered that she would apologize for “giving him attitude.” However, she said, that doesn’t excuse his actions: “He should find something else to do because, obviously, helping people is not for him.”