The Crazy Part of the EPA Mess Out West

There are many crazy parts to the orange, toxic sludge unleashed by the EPA on western states, and native Americans. But the most crazy thing is that they didn’t bother to warn anyone. Mine Busters at the EPA – WSJ.

OK, so the Ghostbusters tie in, is pretty funny too.

‘Ghostbusters” has been playing again on cable, so we are reminded that the villain of that movie classic was a bully from the Environmental Protection Agency. He broke the ghost-containment grid and all hell broke loose.

But the real story isn’t funny.

For 24 hours the EPA failed to warn state and local officials, who learned about the fiasco when they saw their river become yellow curry. The EPA’s initial estimate of the leakage was exposed by the U.S. Geologic Service as three times below the real rate. The agency hasn’t explained the cause of the accident.

Yet the demands for reparations and the media outrage are notably muted. President Obama hasn’t budged from his vacation golf rounds. Imagine how the EPA and the green lobby would be reacting if this spill had been committed by a private company. BP could have used this political forbearance after it failed to cork a busted oil well a mile below the sea after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The fact that there are 2 standards – one for BP and one for the EPA – applied by everyone from the media to President Obama isn’t surprising. The Left can’t complain about the Eeeeevil corporations. Or the eeeeeevil bankers. And chastise their EPA? Why that would either be sacrilege or heresy, in the green religion.


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  1. Bet me the epa didn’t look at the mess they had to clean up in the mine and decided to do it the easy way by putting a hole in the dam. Those responsible should be swinging from the yardarm.

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