Religious Exemption? Who Gets to Discriminate Against Whom?

The Right loves to couch this as religious liberty, but are they really saying that anyone can be free to discriminate? Kentucky clerk's office defies order; no same-sex marriage license – Fx Report Daily.

So what if a devout Christian didn’t want to issue marriage licenses to atheists? What if a Muslim employee of the state didn’t want to serve Jews? Would bigots be free to stop serving African-Americans or Catholics? It wasn’t that long ago that allowing people to discriminate – and a lot of them couched it in religious terms – lead to a whole bunch of discrimination. Even with most of the outright stuff banned, it still happens.

So Kim Davis (the county clerk in question) stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the recent Supreme Court decision. Now she is violating a court order to start up again.

. On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered her to issue licenses to gay couples, rejecting her argument involving religious freedom and her [sic] Christina beliefs.

The summary in the article follows. (I am assuming that the quotes are from the judge’s decision.)

Davis doesn’t have to wish the couples a happy life or say congratulations. Because Davis’ job is simply to confirm that a couple has met the legal requirements to marry, “it is not a sign of moral or religious approval”, nor is Kentucky requiring her to “express a particular religious belief as a condition of public employment” or “forcing her to surrender her free exercise rights in order to perform her duties”.


2 thoughts on “Religious Exemption? Who Gets to Discriminate Against Whom?

  1. Who could question the love of a pedophile? Or the love of a rapist? Why should people get to descriminate? Should you not hire said pedophile for your babysitter?

    You just can’t fix stupid. You really have been looking into the pit way too long.


  2. That wasn’t my point and you know it. The Right always brings up pedophilia whenever they are trying to tear down gays. You would almost think that they haven’t had a new thought since the 1950s.

    I am not talking about discriminating against people who are criminals.

    I am talking about discriminating against people based on your superstitions. How many discriminatory laws were written “based on bible teachings?” Lets start with all of the laws the outlawed “mixing of the races.” So should a white supremacist get to discriminate against blacks – by way of segregation? Or refusing to serve mixed race couples? Or refusing to rent an apartment to anyone they don’t like?

    IF you want to have a reasonable discussion. That is fine. If you want to spew your hate, I can manage to ban you just fine.


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