Chicago Cops Likely Violated Constitutional Rights. Cook County Prosecutor May Have Lied Under Oath

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has been aiding and abetting the Chicago Police for decades. Looks like this time one got caught in a lie. Secret recording divulged by defense in shooting of Chicago cop – Chicago Tribune

It turns out the mother of a suspect in a shooting of a police officer – where a search was done without bothering to get a search warrant – recorded the interaction with authorities. She was in her own home after all.

The judge had been expected to rule as soon as Friday on whether officers violated Sadler’s constitutional rights when they entered his mother’s South Side home soon after Pearson was shot. But with the disclosure of the recording, Wilson postponed his decision. He banned Chicago police and prosecutors from seeking a search warrant for the iPad, ordering that it remain in the possession of Sadler’s attorneys, who told the judge they would provide prosecutors with a copy of the video as soon as that same day.

The mother is claiming that her statement the SA’s office presented is not the statement she made. In particular it omits the bit where she asked to see an attorney. Now that we know there is a recording, some Assistant DA is likely gonna lose a license to practice law.

“If the video … proves that the state’s attorney did in fact lie under oath, some strong action should be taken to discourage that from ever happening again,” [Cook County Public Defender Amy] Campanelli said.

One sad thing is that the kid who shot the cop will likely go free because the Chicago Police department didn’t bother to abide by the Constitution. I guess they think it doesn’t apply to them.

The powers that be – and the Tribune – are wondering why it took 3 years for this recording to surface. That isn’t hard. Until a recent Supreme Court ruling, it was illegal to video cops doing their jobs in Illinois. No longer.