Cops Go to Wrong House, Shoot Homeowner and Dog

OK a cop was shot too, but I have more empathy for the homeowner. Officer, homeowner shot when DeKalb police respond to wrong house |

Imagine you are at home. Your back door is open and screen is not locked. A stranger comes into your home through the door and shoots your dog. What do you do? This homeowner defended himself from an intruder.

That the intruder turned out to be a cop is unfortunate. That the cops “responded to the wrong house” seems to wipe everything away.

They made a mistake. A Federally licensed gun dealer who made a mistake on a form would not be able to sweep everything under the rug.

If you made a mistake on your tax return…

But the cops went to the wrong house. And killed a dog because that is standard operating procedure.

Three officers were responding to a report of suspicious person, but instead went to the wrong home in the 1500 block of Boulderwoods Drive, near Bouldercrest Road, Cedric Alexander, director of public safety, said late Monday. Officers weren’t given a street address, but went to a home matching the description given by a 911 caller, Alexander said.

So if a cop wants to enter your home, they need to make sure that there is a 911 call somewhere on your block that doesn’t include an address but a vague description of a home. (How many homes in your neighborhood were built by the same contractor in a span a year. Or less.) That apparently gives them license to ignore all aspects of the 4th amendment. And shoot any dogs. (As far as I know they haven’t started shooting cats, but it is probably only a matter of time.)

One cop and one homeowner are in the hospital – both having been shot in the leg. One dog is dead. The other officers are on “administrative leave.” More at this link. The real question is will they hang the homeowner out to dry?

UPDATE: The homeowner didn’t shoot the cop. The cops shot one of their own. More and more like the Keystone Cops everyday.