What Happens When You Put the .gov in Charge of Health Care?

You get health care with all the compassion you find at the IRS. Thousands of cancer patients to be denied treatment – Telegraph

Not denied treatment because the government thinks it won’t work or doesn’t work. Denied treatment by bean-counters because they are counting beans.

More than 5,000 cancer patients will be denied life-extending drugs under plans which charities say are a “dreadful” step backwards for the NHS.

Health officials have just announced sweeping restrictions on treatment, which will mean patients with breast, bowel, skin and pancreatic cancer will no longer be able to receive drugs funded by the NHS.

In total, 17 cancer drugs for 25 different indications will no longer be paid for in future.

Of course that means that the wealthy will probably still have access to the drugs, since there is two-tier system in Britain under the National Health Services. Those who are stuck in the .gov run system, and those who can afford private health care.</p.

I can’t wait until we have socialized medicine in America.