Wish You Were Here

WishYouWereHereThe album, Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd was released in September of 1975. I feel old. (Maybe I am old…)

Click the image for a better look at the album art. That was petty edgy in its day. No Photoshop effects here!

Although the critics panned the album, it hit #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album list. And it has been certified as 6 times platinum and has sold about 13 million copies worldwide. (According to the Wiki.) Wish You Were Here doesn’t get the love that is lathered on Dark Side of the Moon, and probably for good reason. But it is better that The Wall, and it isn’t nearly as well known.

David Gilmore performing the title song “Wish You Were Here” Live, unplugged. (Much more recently than 1975!)

I wanted to include “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” but you will have to go to YouTube to see that. (For some reason that remains a mystery to me, there are a whole bunch of songs on YouTube that you cannot embed into a WordPress blog.) Anyway, “Welcome to the Machine” is after the break. “Welcome to the Machine” was chosen as the “B-Side” for the single release of “Have a Cigar.” (I guess the labels think I am making money off this or something. How drawing attention to their products could be a bad thing is beyond me. And NO, I’m not making any money off this.


One thought on “Wish You Were Here

  1. Yea, me too, I’ve gotten old too. I remember hearing this song when I was a teenager in Italy, I even learned how to play it on the guitar shortly there after, and I gotta tell ya, I’m one of those individuals that just doesn’t like to listen to the same old music over and over again, I’m constantly looking for new music to listen to. But those early Floyd albums were the best and I never tire of listening to Wish you were here. It will stand the sands of time and remain a great song for many more years to come.

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