People Seem Surprised that Orders of Protection Offer No Protection

A court order is a fine thing to get in the case of stalking or domestic abuse. What it doesn’t do is offer any real protection. Domestic violence restraining orders aren’t always able to protect victims | WPMT FOX43

The same people are surprised, and they offer the same advice: go hide at the YWCA. They don’t talk about what do you do when you have to go to work. (The woman in this story was killed at her place of business.) So should you quit your job? Abandon your business? For how long? What about taking your kids to school or daycare? What about going to religious services? You should abandon all of that and hide – it is what the “experts” say.

Of course they are in the victim-support industry, and so need a constant supply of victims.

It is also interesting to note that at exactly those times when a victim of domestic-violence could most benefit from armed self-defense, is EXACTLY when the Left feels they should be disarmed. At work. Picking up and dropping off kids at school or daycare. At church. When you are at a known location on a known schedule, someone who wishes to do you harm knows where and when to attack you.

If you need a court order against a violent stalker, then you also need a plan for your personal safety. I like the options that firearms provide, but they clearly are not for everyone. And there are no guarantees in this life save death and next winter’s snow. A plan for your safety will not guarantee your safety, but it is a better bet than relying on “the system.”

The man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Monday at her gift shop in Mount Gretna broke his restraining order against her. Police say [this miscreant] was ordered to stay away from [his victim] since December. He’s also scheduled to be in court Wednesday for previously harassing and assaulting her.


One thought on “People Seem Surprised that Orders of Protection Offer No Protection

  1. I think that anyone who gets a domestic violence restraining order should get a 9mm, a couple of hundred rounds of ammo, and some instruction from the local constabulary. Or whoever. It would be nice if a restraining order also greased the wheels on an emergency concealed carry permit… or whatever.

    I used to read so many of these stories, that I had to stop. Did stop mostly for several years. Because they are all too predictable. They all had tragic endings (that is partly because of media bias. There are stories where women shoot their stalkers, but they don’t fit the narrative…)

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