Sentenced to Death for the Crime of Being Diabetic

He was ignored. He was told he was lying. 15 hours after he reached New York City’s Rikers Island he was dead. Rikers Island diabetes death: Shocking video shows Carlos Mercado dying as guards did nothing.

When Mr. Mercado told one guard he was diabetic, the guard responded (no doubt based on his extensive medical training) “No, you are not diabetic, you are withdrawing from heroin.” Turns out the guard was wrong, and the dead guy was right.

Even after guards finally woke up to the fact that he needed medical attention, a nurse said not critical. An hour after the nurse made that pronouncement, he was dead.

None of the Keystone Cops involved in this will get so much as a slap on the wrist. That’s my prediction anyway. And even if it looks like someone will get something besides “administrative leave” the unions will cry foul and get the results overturned.

Watch the video. It is 2 and half minutes.


2 thoughts on “Sentenced to Death for the Crime of Being Diabetic

    • You say that like its a bad thing. The powers that be don’t seem to be interested in Justice. The cops at Rikers Island don’t seem to be interested in showing common decency to their fellow man – because if you are not a cop, then they don’t give a damn. They will stand around and tell you that you are a liar, while you die telling the truth.

      Maybe you don’t know anyone who is diabetic. Maybe you don’t know anyone who was hassled by cops for being gay. Or black. Or anything that the cops didn’t particularly like.

      Whatever this guy did or didn’t do (innocent until proved guilty?) he did not deserve to die for it. Not before he was found guilty and sentenced. And he wouldn’t have been sentenced to death in NY because they do that. Except in cases like this.

      So yeah, somebody has to feel some pain, even if it is only in the budget ledger.

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