NYPD: Not the Most Professional Organization

And I’m not even talking about the James Blake – former tennis star – story. (Since everyone else is talking about that.) NYPD sergeant busted for throwing semen on co-worker: police – NY Daily News

That’s right. A sergeant threw semen on a female co-worker. He is charged with a misdemeanor type of assault.

[This numskull] had previously told the co-worker he liked her, a police source said.

“He was apparently so enamored by her that he threw semen on her,” the source said.

Exactly what kind of knuckle-dragging idiot thinks this is a good idea? Or a good way to get back at woman who rebuffs your advances? (Hello, you handed her all the evidence she needs, you moron.)

Just a case of mistaken identity in what happened to Mr. Blake. (Don’t be confused by the fact that the cop in that case has more excessive-force complaints in the past 4 years than most cops get in their careers.)

And here we have just a case of love gone horribly wrong. Horribly, stupidly wrong.

Just two guys having bad days? Or two guys who feel like they can do whatever the hell they want because they are NYPD?