Ruger 22/45 or Mark III or Other Target Pistol

Does anyone have any recommendations for a .22 target pistol? The cost of .22LR ammo is finally coming into a view of affordability, and my gun club has a prime range devoted only to .22 rimfire.


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  1. Personally, I have been using a Hammerli Trailside 6″ barrel and a red dot. If you go to Larry’s Guns, (–HammerliBFont.aspx ) They call it the Xesse now and they have a target model with target sights and ambi grips. The sport comp model comes with target grips but only in two generic sizes. The model I am using did not have target grips so I bought grips from Randall Fung, very very nice for $207 delivered, ( ) he has you send a copy of your hand so it is not custom, call it semi custom. Basically it is about $1,000 but it is super accurate and much lighter than the mark III

  2. FWIW, I have a S&W 22A. They’re a 5 1/2″ barrel, and moderately heavy (but very well balanced) semiauto. You can shoot it all day and go looking for more ammo. So accurate it’s almost boring.

    I see it listed as “product archive” on the S&W website, so I wonder if it’s no longer in production.

  3. If you may want to get serious about target shooting, go for one of the Rugers. There are lots of parts for upgrading/customization.

    The few Mk.IIs I’ve handled have better triggers. The Mk.III has more aftermarket grip options than the 22/45. If you get the 22/45 with wood grips, 1911 grips will fit with a bit of trimming.

    If your state allows removing the magazine disconnect on the III models, do that. You can get a Mk.II bushing (and there’s plenty of videos on how to do that, it’s easy). A Volquartsen trigger and sear will greatly improve the trigger pull (less than $60 from Rimfire Sports). Those mods will give you a target pistol that will run with the kilobuck Euro-guns.

    Or you can drop in a full Volquartsen kit (usually under $100) with lots of good target parts.

  4. That is one of the advantages of the Rutgers, there is a huge aftermarket for all sorts of parts so you can custom make the pistol to your liking. I did not want to go that route and found the Mks to be somewhat heavy, very manageable but heavy. When I tried the Hammerli, I just had to go that route. The only aftermarket for it are the grips though 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the input. The 22/45 looks interesting, but I don’t shoot a 1911 enough for that to make all the difference. Think I will see what the aftermarket for Mark II looks like. Though I am a sucker for “NIB.” I guess I should also see if I can find a Hamerli to at least hold if not shoot.

  6. The 22/45s are a bit lighter than the Mk II/IIIs, because of the polymer frame. Also, the Mk IIIs (and 22/45-Mk.IIIs) are tapped for a top rail that comes with the target guns. The Bushnell TRS-25 seems to be a good value and can often be found for sub- $80.

    The Ruger guys at the Bullseye matches that I shoot seem to concur that Rugers like CCI standard velocity ammo.

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