Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and the NFL

The deal may mean that the teams are off the hook, but the statistics keep rolling in. Brain disease CTE found in 87 deceased NFL players – CBS News

87 out of 91, which comes to 95.6%

Of course you can (rightly) argue that this is a self-selecting sample. But that number is still unreasonably high.

Additionally, they found that CTE has been identified in the brain tissue of a total of 131 out of 165 individuals who played football either professionally, semi-professionally, in college or in high school before their deaths.

That comes to about 79% of players.

The NFL was proud of the fact that if a player suffers a concussion, then he is sidelined for a week. Yeah, that will make all the difference in the world.

I used to only watch the Superbowl every year, and that only because there is usually a party. I won’t be watching this year. You go ahead and enjoy your gladiatorial games. Know that at least half of the people entertaining you on Sunday (and maybe on Saturday too) are giving up years of their lives, their sanity and the safety of those they love so you can cheer your favorite team. Just leave me out of it.