Cops Don’t Like Cameras – Not Even Their Dash-cams!

Cop stops a guy he thinks is DUI. Realizes it is a guy from the police review board…. And then he makes a bad choice. Suit: Cops Mistreated Motorist After Turning Off Dashboard Camera « CBS Chicago

The video basically records him going back to his car, and then the video stops.

I guess you don’t have to be a genius to be in the Chicago PD.

On the surface this guy is guilty of violating department policy.

Chicago Police Department dash-cam policy is clear, stating “during the recording of an incident, department members will not disengage the in-car video system until the entire incident has been recorded.”

Nothing will happen to him. The review committee will recommend termination and then the unions will get involved and squash the penalty. Because rules are for the Little People, not for the cops.

The guy was charged with DUI but was found not-guilty at trial.