The First Amendment Wasn’t Supposed to Apply to EVERYBODY!

And especially not where the Air Force is involved. Maryland Air Force Contractor Fired for “Bringing Demons Into the Office”

The Air Force has a history of “mandating” that cadets and others attend “seminars” that are little more than Christian revival meetings.

In this case a practicing Hindu was called a witch, and told yoga was cost her, her soul. When she filed complaint, she was fired.

Within hours of Schoenfeld filing a formal complaint about the harassment, she was fired in a total coincidence that absolutely was not retaliation for her complaint.

Because that would never happen.

Christians are the persecuted minority in this country. Just ask one. (Has Bill O’Reilly started his diatribe about his “War on Christmas™” yet?)

But then this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last that a member of a minority religion in the US faces this kind of thing.

One thought on “The First Amendment Wasn’t Supposed to Apply to EVERYBODY!

  1. I don’t refer to the Air Force as “Uncle Sam’s Christian Flying Club” for no reason. They have developed a track record as being aggressive evangelical and intolerant of anyone else’s beliefs.


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