Pittsburgh Police Don’t Like Cubs Fans

And stadium security guards don’t like people taking cellphone videos. But they got taken anyway. Cubs fan wearing goat hat body slammed by Pittsburgh police | abc7chicago.com

So Pittsburgh fans put on a great welcome for Chicago Cubs fans. Not.

As Cubs fans made themselves known during the wild-card game, there was Mitalas on TV. The Wrigleyville resident says shortly after he was shown he was pelted with spit and a wad of chewing tobacco.

After words were exchanged in the stands, ushers asked Mitalas to leave, even though witnesses say they told ushers that he didn’t cause the fracas.

Because if you are going to ask someone to leave, it isn’t going to be someone in the rowdy majority. No it safer to blame the victim.

The guy was in goat costume. If you don’t know about the Cubs Billy Goat curse… Google is your friend. (Or Big Brother. One or the other.)

When he stopped to ask a cop about it, the “cop went off.” There is video, of him talking to the cop, and the cop putting him in a choke hold and later body slamming him to the ground. One of the security guards tells one bystander to “put the phone down!” Of course there are always other phones. (Pittsburgh hasn’t gotten that memo?)

A lawsuit and both internal police and external investigations are underway.


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  1. Yet another reason to stay away from big cities in general and big sporting events in particular. I live near Pittsburgh and rarely enter it. I haven’t been to a major sporting event in years and have no intention of changing.

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