For You non-Chicagoians, How the Billy Goat Curse Came to be.

It seems that the stars may be aligning. The cubs have won the pennant, and 2015 was the year that Marty McFly predicted the cubs would win the World Series. Sort of. Was ‘Back to the Future II’ right about the Cubs? –

But how did the curse come to be in the first place? How a Billy Goat “Cursed” the Chicago Cubs – History in the Headlines

The curse dates to October 6, 1945 when Cubs were hosting Detroit. The slogan of the day was “We Got Detroit’s Goat!” Billy Sannis showed up with 2 tickets. (One for the goat, whose name was Murphy.) There are apparently several versions of the story, but the one I like is that he was asked to leave after a rain delay made the goat stink. Anyway, he said, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more!” Or something to that affect. And they haven’t.

In the years since Sianis issued his black magic, the Cubs’ have had one of the most dismal records in professional baseball. The team still hasn’t been back to the World Series, and they’ve often ended the season near the very bottom of the National League. Fans were initially slow to blame their sputtering form on a goat, but the hex became part of club lore after Chicago sportswriters started mentioning it in their columns. Its legend only grew when the 1969 Cubs imploded after going into September with the division lead. As if fans needed any more bad omens, the downward spiral kicked off during a game against the Mets at Shea Stadium, where a black cat appeared on the field and crossed in front of the Cubs’ dugout. The team went on to miss the playoffs.

So we’ll see if this is the year.

The most entertaining treatment I’ve seen of the curse was in a short-story from Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files series. “Curses” is a short story that deals with this. Pretty amusing to, but then I really like the Dresden Files.

And just because… Back to the Future II and the scene about the Cubs in the World Series.

Because in 1985, Miami didn’t have professional baseball. The Florida Marlins came along in 1993, and they just recently became the Miami Marlins.