90 Minute Response Time to 911 Call

Just call 911 and everything will be OK. As long as you can wait. Why Don’t Dayton Police Always Show Up Quickly? WYSO Curious Investigates | WYSO

This guy didn’t get to call 911 before bad things happened. He called 911 after the assault. He called back – after 15 minutes – to say he needed medical attention. It took 90 minutes for someone to get to him.

“In certain jurisdictions,” Haines says, “there are times that…the number of calls for service are more than the number of available crews to respond to those incidents.”

And Dayton is frequently the system that’s the most overwhelmed, he says. “Dayton is the busiest area that we dispatch for.”

On average, Dayton police respond to high-priority calls in 5 minutes or so. On Average. You might wait less time. You might wait a long time. Depending on the situation, you might wait the rest of your life.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, and as in this case, after the bad things are over, that is pretty much all there is to do. But assuming that 911 will ride to your rescue – even assuming you can call BEFORE bad things happen – is perhaps not the wisest position.

One thought on “90 Minute Response Time to 911 Call

  1. When I was working in Miami in late 80/early 81, the captain running Dade County PD’s Central Division (surrounding Miami and including Liberty City) stated publicly that response times were running 20 minutes and the people should arm themselves. The biggest-selling Christmas gift in Dade County in 1980 was handguns.
    Those 20-minute response times are starting to look like the good old days.


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