How about if they gave her a 9mm, a couple of hundred rounds of ammo and 8 hours of training?

The powers that be, the “experts” and the reporters are tied in knots over this tragedy. A woman killed by someone who once claimed to love her. Midland Park slaying throws spotlight on struggle to protect domestic abuse victims

She obtained a temporary restraining order and called Midland Park police in desperation again and again to report he violated that order. At some point, perhaps fearing for her life, she had a camera surveillance system installed at her home.

Because surveillance cameras are even less useful in stopping a crime than the piece of paper known as a restraining order.

Some experts say victims of domestic violence sometimes have no recourse except to leave their homes and go to a shelter when they believe they are in imminent danger. Others say a future answer may lie in requiring some domestic violence offenders to wear GPS anklets.

Because a GPS anklet will stop the creep in his tracks, right?

So I say again. How about giving her some chance to defend herself?

A gun may not have saved this woman. There are no guarantees in this life save death and next winter’s snow. But relying on “The System” – the police, restraining order, etc. – did not save her life. The camera system recorded some of her last moments, but did not stop the monster bent on her destruction. A gun may not have saved this woman, but it was probably the only thing that could have.

But this is New Jersey, after all. The next-best-thing to a gun-free zone.


One thought on “How about if they gave her a 9mm, a couple of hundred rounds of ammo and 8 hours of training?

  1. NJ is a strange place some towns it is relatively easy to get a handgun permit, not a carry but one for in the home and range. Others it is almost impossible but yeah they do not want you defending yourself. You might get the idea you don’t need all that government

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