‘Indonesian jihad’ as Christian churches burned

What a shock. Christians facing ‘Indonesian jihad’ as churches burned on imams’ orders: report | Fox News

The Southeast Asian nation, where about 90 percent of its 250 million people are Muslim, has long been seen as seen as an example that a large Muslim majority can live in relative peace alongside minority religions, like Christianity and Hinduism. But in October, there was a troubling outburst in violence in the Sharia-law governed region of Aceh. At the urging from Islamic leaders, hundreds of Muslims took to the streets with machetes and torched area churches.

As for the religion of peace propaganda…

“We will not stop hunting Christians and burning churches. Christians are Allah’s enemies,” one Islamic leader said

A quick search of the news indicates that none of the Left’s big media outlets are covering this. Christian Science Monitor is the first relatively mainstream outlet to be listed on the first page of a Google news search. I guess this doesn’t fit the narrative, and is easier to ignore than say attacks on Paris.


2 thoughts on “‘Indonesian jihad’ as Christian churches burned

  1. This is the fault of the Saudis. Their version of Islam is as hateful as the “kill the gays” strain of Christianity. Except the Saudi brand acts on it much more often.

    • I can’t figure out why so many US administrations have been so cozy with the Saudis. They haven’t been friends. And they will pump oil or not according to their own wishes, and without regard to whatever we do. Of course the only thing to do this days is economic sanctions, and that probably wouldn’t do squat wrt the Saudis.

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