Yet Another Data Breach

cyberSecThis one covers 6.4 million kids and 4.9 million parents. Toymaker VTech hit by largest-ever hack targeting kids

So what crazy impulse gets a parent to put their kids personal data on the web? (Do you want them to deal with identity theft when they are 11?)

Chris Wysopal, co-founder of cyber security firm Veracode, said it could be a wake up call for families in the same way that the hack on infidelity website Ashley Madison earlier this year made adults realize online data might not be safe.

Here is a hint: Anyone online that has your data is subject to hacking. From Sony, to the US government. You should think carefully before you spread your info all over the place. ID theft isn’t pretty.

VTech said in a statement that children’s profiles included name, gender and birth date. Stolen adult data included name, mailing address, email address, password retrieval questions, IP address and passwords

In other words, it included enough information to get started on a decent identity theft. The guy who claims responsibility says he is a good guy, and nothing will be done with the data. Of course the data is worth millions so who knows.

Other things that are not guaranteed to be secure. The internet of things. WiFi. Most websites. The folks doing the hacking are by-and-large not good guys. Act with some level of caution.