Microsoft Isn’t Giving Up on Migrating You to Windows 10. No Matter What YOU Want!

The fact that you might not WANT Windows 10, or that you have stuff that isn’t ready of Windows 10. (What, you have something from a company other than Microsoft?) you are going to get it anyway.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop Windows 10. The Get Windows 10 Control Panel, the GWX Control Panel. Ultimate Outsider: GWX Control Panel 1.6 Introduces Monitor Mode and More

You can get a rundown on the product from Security Now. (A This Week in Tech podcast). The December 8th edition has the info. The relative portion is at 18 minutes.

You can download the GWX Control Panel at the Ultimate Outsider. (As Steve Gibson says on the SN podcast, throw the guy a buck or 2 via his PayPal link.)

I have been threatening to dump windows in favor of Linux for some time. (You buy a new computer and it comes with Windows…) But MS is BEYOND annoying. And Windows 10 is probably the biggest bit of spyware I have seen in some time. And the new GNU graphical interfaces look a lot like Windows or a Mac. And Linux is a lot more efficient, and all I do is use the internet, and LibreOffice. Well, and a few other things I can run under Linux.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Isn’t Giving Up on Migrating You to Windows 10. No Matter What YOU Want!

  1. This week in Tech has some interesting stuff. TWi Computer Harware, Coding 101, All about Android, Stuff on Macs and iPhones. Some of it is quite long. But there is often good info.

  2. I’ve noticed that the upgrade stuff is adopting a more aggressive tone. Now it offers “Download Windows 10 and Upgrade Now” or “Download Windows 10 Now and Upgrade Later”. No “eat sh** and die” button, except that I can just close that popup. I assume “for now” goes on the end of that sentence.

    Ultimate Windows 10 graphic at:

    I think I’m going to spend a lot of time dealing with this before they push it on me. Like you, probably going Linux, maybe keeping a walled off PC with Win 7 for the stuff I absolutely can’t get away from. Funny thing is, if this were a conventional OS release from Microsoft and not a data mining exercise, I’d probably wait for 10.1 and buy it. (You know the old saying about “never buy a software version ending in 0 from Microsoft”).

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