100 Year-old woman – founding member of the OSS – May get the recognition she deserves.

Stephanie Rader (nee Czech) was a member of the OSS working in Poland shortly after WWII. (The OSS was precursor to the CIA.) She never got that recognition that some thought she deserved. Will America’s 100-Year-Old Female Spy Finally Be Recognized for The Hero She Is? – The Daily Beast

Czech, a Cornell graduate, the child of immigrants, and who spoke Polish fluently, was a natural candidate for the budding spy service. She went to work for the counterintelligence section, known as X2, which was so secretive that some who served in the group didn’t even know its name.

Czech roamed the Polish countryside, spying on Soviet troop movements and gathering information on their own intelligence services. In post-Nazi Europe, the Americans and the Soviets, once ostensible allies, were now rivals in the nascent days of the Cold War, each trying to outwit and out-position the other.

She is being considered for the Legion of Merit, an award she was nominated for at the time, but never received.