What do you call a country that is ruled by decree? Ruled by secret lists?

Stasi LogoUsually such a state is characterized as a police state. Or worse. Enemy of the State – Black Man With A Gun™

A secret government list, exclusively controlled by the executive, and used to deny civil rights without means for redress? Does that sound like America to you? Sounds more like the Stasi, the secret police of East Germany.

If you aren’t reading Ken Blanchard, or listening to his podcasts, you are missing out.

I suppose it is a mark of getting old when the things that you lived through are not understood by the people around you. But some people just as old as I am seem to have missed some of the details of the Cold War. Missed reading the accounts of people who escaped from East Germany. Missed understanding what the gulag was, and how the Soviet system worked. The USSR had a beautiful constitution. It’s just that they ignored it most of the time, and the rulers did whatever they damn well pleased. Disagree with them and you would be sent to a mental institution – because only a crazy person would disagree with the government – especially if that was Stalin’s or even Khrushchev’s government.