UK “Junior” Doctors Are on Strike

Since I am no longer connected to the 24 hour news cycle, except via the internet, I have no idea if the current state of health care in the UK has made the new in the US. Let’s imagine an alternative to the NHS in this best of all possible worlds | Libertarian Home

First let’s deal with the myth of the “Junior Doctor.” They aren’t so junior. “To summarise: ‘junior’ doctors includes all doctors who are not consultants, from early 20s to late 30s and above”

The UK’s National Health Service is trying to increase their hours and reduce their pay. The NHS is going broke, and this is an obvious way to kick the can down the road.

junior doctors have little choice of employer as there is an NHS monopoly on training; the market has shown the pay and conditions are too low, with dangerously understaffed rotas, rising emigration and increasing locum rates. The government’s proposals would reduce staff pay for an equivalent rota over time, thus hoping to delay the inevitable financial collapse of the NHS on their watch.

The NHS has been around since before WWII. The bureaucracy is ingrained to the point where there are not enough British college students opting to go into medicine, and of those that do, a fair number emigrate to places where they can make a better living.

Thus the result of the “single payer” health care system so loved by the Left. Go read the whole thing. [Hat tip to Samizdata.]


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