Even in California, Self-defense Works

Though because it is California, the authorities want desperately to charge the homeowner with something. Suspected Burglar Shot by Homeowner in Redondo Beach | Patch

So this guy gets notified via a security system that someone is in his detached-garage. And he and a friend see the would-be-bad-guy on video. So they arm themselves and go outside.

When the pair went outside, they saw the suspect wheeling a motorcycle out of the garage. When confronted, the suspect dropped the motorcycle, began to flee then turned around, confronted the residents and that’s when the shooting occurred, [Lt. Todd Heywood of the Redondo Beach Police Department] said.

In Oklahoma or Texas or Florida or many other states the cops would be saying something along the lines of self-defense being legal. In the People’s Republic of California, they are “investigating” to see if they can charge the homeowner with something. Like taking personal responsibility, not relying on the .gov for his personal safety, etc.


One thought on “Even in California, Self-defense Works

  1. The part where they “armed themselves and went outside” makes it dicey. Even in most “castle doctrine” or “stand your ground” states, that could make them the aggressors. The fact that the burglary was to a detached garage, and therefore no imminent threat to the residence or the residents, makes it worse.
    The article doesn’t say if the homeowners called 911 when they saw the burglary (before the shooting), or only afterwards. That can make a difference, too.
    It’s never a good idea to confront people stealing property from an outbuilding. Things can go bad real quick, and you’ll be giving money to lawyers for the rest of your life.

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