What is the #1 threat to the power grid? (Hint: Not hackers!)

Congress and the President have been in a hurry to shred the Constitution in order to protect us from the hackers. Squirrels Top Cyber Warfare, Shadow IT, Turn On 2FA Now. Please. – Threat Wire

Hackers have taken down 1 portion of 1 power grid. In Ukraine. There is some evidence that US cyber-warfare groups did take down 1 in the Mideast.

But the rodents chewing on power-lines have a history of taking out portions of the grid.

If they mandated proper procedures and provided funding, then organizations like the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) wouldn’t have millions of records – including security clearances – hacked. And spying on every American isn’t going to keep the power grid safe from the squirrels, or the birds.


2 thoughts on “What is the #1 threat to the power grid? (Hint: Not hackers!)

  1. I worked at one data center that had continuing problems of birds committing suicide by flying into the transformer outside. For a while, it seemed like once a month, though that may be overstated. Eventually – though it took longer than it should have – the utility built a cage around the transformer, and not just a fence.

  2. OK so I’m behind the times. I have been working my way thru the footage generated by CES. And there was a lot of it in various places. 8K Ultra-high Dynamic Range TVs look a lot more interesting than a refrigerator that takes photos of the interior. (How else could you see if you were out of milk?)

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