Why is no one interested in security?

I understand that some aspects of being secure are a little complicated. Others, not so much.

There is a secure messaging system from Open Whisper Systems, called Signal. It replaces the stock SMS messenger on your iPhone, or Android smart phone. All you have to do is install the app. It handles EVERYTHING.

Send a message to a Signal subscriber – it will be sent securely. Otherwise, it will send a regular message.

Use anything by Open Whisper Systems.
Edward Snowden, Whistleblower and privacy advocate

Now messaging isn’t the most interesting place to have security. Email tends to contain more stuff about finances and your personal business than text messages. But the level of effort is about as close to ZERO as it can be. So why not opt for security?

(What? You never sent an email to your real-estate agent? Or planned your last vacation to visit family via email – including the dates you house would be vacant? Or did you skip the middleman and dump all of that straight to Facebook and Twitter?)

And if you are using open WiFi at Starbucks or wherever, then you are insane if you are doing anything that could compromise your identity. WiFi is not secure, unless you are running with a VPN – and doing it correctly. Otherwise the guy with the backpack at his feet could be intercepting everything you type.