How Can a “Conservationist” Own Two Megayachts?

This is almost as good as the time Greenpeace destroyed coral reefs. Paul Allen’s Yacht Destroyed Three Basketball Courts Worth of Coral Reef in the Cayman Islands | The Big Lead

They were in a spot that was dictated by the local port authority. But the winds shifted, moving the anchor chain into the coral.

But as for the “conservationist” title bestowed upon Paul Allen…

Tatoosh is his second yacht. It is 303 feet long, and is powered by twin 4400 horse-power (yes that is four thousand four hundred) engines. I’m sure it has a couple of solar panels somewhere. It is currently the 43rd largest private yacht in the world. It has a limestone fireplace in the saloon, and both a 40 ft power boat and a 40 ft sailboat. (The sailboat that I lived on for 10 years – more or less – was 37 feet.)

Allen’s main yacht is Octopus, which is 414 feet long, sports 8 diesel engines for a total of 19,200 horsepower, has 2 helipads, and a 63ft tender, which is docked in the transom. I’m sure those are the greenest diesel engines on the planet. Better even than the Volkswagen diesels.

Tatoosh, the yacht in the news, has a crew of 30. just running the generators, desalination plant, etc for 30 people has got to be something. But I’m sure it is a minimum carbon footprint, him being a “conservationist” and all.

He had Tatoosh docked in St Petersburg, FL, for a while, trying to sell it. I guess he has given up on that.