More on the 92-year-old and the Would-be Bad Guy.

More on a story from earlier today… Armed 92-Year-Old San Jacinto Homeowner Scares Off Burglar « CBS Los Angeles

So the story from earlier is at this link. Now we have reaction from the homeowner.

So a 92-year-old homeowner hears someone breaking into his house using an ax.

Milspa, who is a World War II veteran and lives alone, immediately fired one round at the intruder. “I could have shot him right in the head between the eyes. But I didn’t want to do that. I would have been in trouble,” Milspa said.

The burglar was not hit. But he did take off running, leaving behind his ax and several other items, police said.

The miscreant is lucky Mr Milspa is such a tender soul. A lot of people would have shot him “right in the head” and been done with it.