Now That is What You Call Ironic

Heterophobia has come to San Francisco. San Francisco’s tech bros told: quit changing the gayborhood | US news | The Guardian

It seems so many tech companies are moving to San Francisco that the straights are crowding the gays out of the bars. And the gays don’t like it.

They complain about losing old-time gay bars. The entertainers have to deal with more straight audiences. (Or perhaps those venues would also go out of business…) But there is a reason for that.

Part of the reason that so many gay bars have closed or turned straight, [local bar manager Joe Mattheisen] said, is that LGBT people have become increasingly comfortable spending time at mainstream bars.

“The gays fought for equal rights – and they got it,” he said. “So the gays no longer needed gay bars. They just go to their neighborhood bar.”

And of course there are just some folks who wish those nasty straight folks would stay in their own neighborhood.

[Amy Sueyoshi, 45, associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University,] followed up with an email: “I do like to go to places in and around the Castro for Happy Hour or a snack and I’ve noticed more straight people making out at these places where I go deliberately to NOT feel like I am oppressed by heterosexuality. Really, straight people do you HAVE to make out in the Castro as well? Good Lord.”

Can’t those damn straight people just keep to their own places?

As several people have noted, if this level of “Oh, those icky others are invading OUR space” was directed AT gays, and not BY gays, the reaction would be close to nuclear. [hat tip to Gay Patriot.]


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