Chicago PD – Putting the “Criminal” in “Criminal Justice System” Since the 1940s: Concealing Evidence from Defense Attorneys

“Street Files” that differed from the official files. Witness statements not turned over to the defense. Altered statements. The list goes on. Did Chicago police hide evidence? – Chicago Tribune

In the 60 cases she’s been able to compare, Gorman said she has found that more than 90 percent have information in the street file that was not in the defense file. The discrepancies run the gamut, she said, including names and accounts of eyewitnesses that apparently were never disclosed, statements in detectives’ notes that contradict later versions of typed reports and lineup cards that were missing or different from what the defense eventually saw.

The City of Chicago is denying that evidence was withheld improperly. Since the cases in question go back 60 or 70 years, they really can’t do anything else.