What Happens When the Bean-counters Are in Charge of Health Care?

Cut costs enough, and you won’t have the staff or facilities you require to the get the job done. The UK is finding that out. ‘If you’re not dying, go home’, overwhelmed A&E staff tell waiting patients over tannoy

So you go the Emergency Room (Accident & Emergency Ward in the parlance of the UK), only to be told to go home if you aren’t dying. Does that mean if my leg is broken I am supposed to crawl home and come back another day? Probably.

The extraordinary situation unfolded at the North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton, North London on Friday night. It has struggled to cope for two years since an A&E unit the Prime Minister pledged to stay open closed.

The NHS is usually (though not always) held up as an example of the great care we could have if only we would sign up for socialized medicine. In reality they don’t have the doctors and nurses they need – because really, if you are smart enough to be doctor, do you really want to work for a government bureaucrat? Things are so bad that the doctors went on strike last month.

And they have “post-code lotteries.” Which means you can only get certain drugs (hey, they are expensive!) if you live in certain areas. Yeah, that would work really well in the USA.

But anyway, they couldn’t handle the influx on a Friday night. And they were forced to admit it.


2 thoughts on “What Happens When the Bean-counters Are in Charge of Health Care?

  1. All due respect, but if you have health insurance, the beancounters are in charge. Pre-approvals of procedures. Different tiers of prescription drugs, with some not included.

  2. I wish I remember where I read the story, but I read that a cab driver can make more than a doctor working for the NHS. So where do you think the people smart enough to choose any occupation are going? Probably not all cabbies, but I bet most aren’t going into the NHS.

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