Saturday Morning Flashback

If you haven’t heard of this, you are missing out. Chicago’s WXRT has been doing this for a very long time. Today I am listening to 1988. Music and news from the year in question, plus segments like “Bring Out Your Dead: The Rock and Roll Obituary.” You can find the previous playlists at this link.

You can stream it live via the web, but I haven’t found smartphone app….

The story that made me write this is the one about night baseball. August 8th, 1988 was the first time there were lights in Wrigley Field and a night game. There was a huge battle between the residents of Wrigleyville, MLB and the owners of the Cubs. Progress won. (Hard to believe, but before that date there were only day games played in Wrigley field.) There was a Second City revue entitled “Bright Lights: Night Baseball – or – Kuwait Until Dark.” That was several years earlier.

It starts at 8AM Chicago time, so you had better be an early riser for the weekend.


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