Not a Record Year, But Chicago Turns Back the Clock on Homicides to the 1990s

Chicago used to be the City that Worked. That was a long time ago. So far this year, Chicago has most homicides since late 1990s – Chicago Tribune

Chicago has witnessed its deadliest start to the year in nearly two decades, according to crime statistics.

Since 1999 to be exact. The count is 95 murders in January and February.

The police chief got canned, the Chicago PD is being investigated by the DOJ over a host of issues.

Meanwhile, officers within the department have told the Tribune the McDonald shooting has made them less aggressive on the street out of fear that doing even basic police work will get them into trouble. They say criminals are taking advantage of their passive approach.

Criminologists, though, say there’s no evidence to suggest criminals are exploiting officers’ reluctance to do their jobs.

So who do you believe? The cops on the street, or the folks in academia? (That bit from the criminologists features prominently in the comments.)


3 thoughts on “Not a Record Year, But Chicago Turns Back the Clock on Homicides to the 1990s

  1. Chicago cops seem to be saying that if they have to obey the law, they can’t police the city. An interesting assertion.

    The comments over at the Tribune are awash with harsh things for the Black Lives Matter group. In particular, the fact that they are no where to be found.

  2. did you ever watch gasoline alley or any of those early movies where you had the “street gangs” and the cops who knew them. Back then they implied the cop dealt out street justice and people were happy because things were under control. That is what they want to go back to but all of the public is now suspect not just the street gangs.

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